Our Team

(Mr. Rajat Matta)

Our CEO (Mr. Rajat Matta)

"Being a CEO of an organization one does enjoys the freedom and flexibility not offered to employee. But with that freedom it also brings the huge responsilibity on his shoulders where he has to set the right examples and principles"

His Responsibilities include but are not limited to
• Advise the Team and Monitor daily operations
• Assist in personnel management
• Development of administrative standards and procedures related to personnel and staff development
• Supervision of staff
• Develop and manage the annual budget for Team including necessary revisions
• Oversee the preparation of the annual report of activities as well as fiscal reports
• Coordinate work on annual audit
• Define priorities for all supervised staff
• Inventory management of office supplies
• Client management including establish and maintain Client and prospective client databases
• Coordinate solicitation of corporate and in-kind donations
• Measure effectiveness of marketing activities (program tracking)
• Handling Technical Customer care compliance
• All internet marketing activities including establish the marketing budget moreover create and implement marketing plan; develop marketing materials; advertising placement; develop direct mail plan

Sales Team (Mr. Kasang Tsering Team Leader)

Sales department is a team of guys who are equally important for taking the responsiblity of bringing business to the organisation by subscribing new customers to the service plans.Sales executive is the first point of contact with the customers who listens to the callers issue and runs the diagnostics and accordingly subscribes for the plan.
Mr. Kasang Tsering is the Team Leader of Sales Deaprtment.

(Mr. Kasang Tsering)

(Mr. Naved Siddique)

Technical Team (Mr. Naved Siddique Team Manager)

in a field of technical support techinicians play a vital role.No technical support can run for long without the qualtiy and satisfactory service.We at Czone Solutions have team of highly skilled technicians who are expert in handling all types software issues.The Tech Department is run under the supervision of Mr. Naved Siddique who is the Tech Manager.

Web Development Team (Mr. Sonu Kumar Senior Web Designer)

We have a separate team for managing web support and services for customers so that we can design and develop websites for them. All of the members are highly dedicated and talented that is why we always get returning customers.They give contribution in formation from basic websites to e-commerce. Also, the maintenance and ungradation part of our own existing websites for Barewire(www.barewire.us) and Czone Solutions (www.czonesolutions.org and www.czonesolutions.ca) are done by them.
Mr. Sonu Kumar is the Senior Web Designer of Web Development Team.

(Mr. Sonu Kumar)

(Mr. Rahul Gupta)

SEM Team (Mr. Rahul Gupta)

Role of SEM Team is extremely important since he is responsible for running campaigns for advertisements. These campaigns are made on the basis of specific keywords to get related results. Also, he makes sure that people living in a specific area should be able to see these advertisements. Both google and bing are used for displaying these advertisements to customers.
Mr. Rahul Gupta is the SEM Team Head.